Crystal Basics

Crystals are far more than just pretty objects that we wear as jewellery or add to our home decor for a splash of colour and sparkle.To so many people around the world including myself crystals are a way of healing and pushing negative energies out of your environment. To me crystals are a gift from Mother Earth and a little taste of her power and love.

Crystals form when minerals,heat,pressure,time and space combine in just the right way. They are seeded when liquids cool or freeze into solids, dissolved matter precipitates out of a solution or gasses condense. What types of crystals to form depends on the mineral mix in play as well as the time,temperature and pressure involved. 

Some crystals like diamonds form within the earth as molten lava cools slowly over long periods of time, some grow in gas bubbles after magma has reached the surface and others form as water and other liquids evaporate.

As the the earths crust moves and shifts crystals break and move with it inviting in new elements and minerals to the mix which effects the crystals make up, colour and growth patterns.

All of these things combined mean no crystal is exactly the same and for me that’s a miracle recipe only nature can provide.

If you’re a believer in crystal energy and healing, then you know that crystals embody the energy of the earth and each type of crystal has a different healing property,energy and vibration. Depending on how you are feeling at the time or the direction life is taking you different crystals will aid on your journey. Some will jump out and just feel right and others may fit based on their unique qualities. You may even need a couple to enhance each other.

For example one stone might be best used for healing, another might be best for bringing prosperity into your life,another might be kept near by to deflect any negative energies.

Colour can have a big impact on the right crystal for the task and aid in aligning your chakras and boosting your energies.

Lighter tones are gentle and will lift your spirit, darker tones have a grounding effect.

There are many facets to these miraculous gifts so we have a lot to talk about in the coming blogs. 

If your new to crystals or not sure what to pick always trust your gut, you will be attracted to what’s good for you. So go with your first instinct,It’s usually right.



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