Healing Stone Therapy

Hello crystal lovers I hope you had a wonderful week,

After talking last week about the geology and origin of stones and crystals , which by the way I find to be a never ending miracle , I am going to touch on one of the cultures that have used stone medicine extensively for hundreds of years…….Chinese medicine.

The Chinese philosophy believe that an illness is the result of separation of spirit from the body and  the healing property of stones will help you find your way back, I find this to be a beautiful  thought process, as in today’s world we need to connect to spirit more than ever to find peace and enlightenment.

The Chinese process is linked to the energy that flows through us in the form of meridian lines,referred to as Qi pronounced  (Chee). Stones are used to unblock and restore these energy paths and improve our health and wellbeing.

There are 8 branches of Chinese medicine as below:

1 Acupuncture –  stones are placed on acupuncture points and used as needle heads

2 Massage – stones are used as tools 

3 Herbal medicine – stones are used to make elixirs

4 Meditation – stones are used as aids 

5 Moxibustion – stones are heated with this process

6 Fengshui – stones are place around the home

7 Dietary therapy – stones are used for their minerals

8 Exercise – used to help generate fluids and circulate energy

W0W ! This is a very complete use of these precious gifts we have been given. 

To delve deeper into this wellness medicine is a bit of a risk as it is so complex and interesting and I want to do it justice but here we go anyway!

You have all possibly seen the symbol above at some time in your life, it is the very basis of Chinese medicine. The picture depicts the 5 elements, the five element theory gives a model that relates to our lives and the inner workings of our bodies, our individual temperaments and family interactions and interpersonal dynamics. It is the interrelationships among and between the fundamental energies of life.

What you say ?

Yep that’s what you get from the diagram Lol

Heres how it works going counterclockwise –

Fire burns wood

Wood uses up water as it grows

Water rusts metal

Metal penetrates and uses earths minerals

Earth smothers fire

Each of the five elements has a yin and yang aspect and our internal organs are assigned an element. That’s amazing for sure!

I will give you an example :

 An organ pair would be liver and large intestine one is yin one is yang, this is a wood pairing  with a season spring connection

All this is to show you that everything in Chinese therapy relates back to energy

And nature 

And wait for it

That is why stones and crystals are so important as they carry energy and nature inside of their incredible structures.

There’s so much more to this epic true adventure but I think you get the point.

We ARE energy and light! 

Stones and Crystals ARE energy and light!

 So of course they are our best friends and allies, given to Mother Earth to balance and cleanse.

Hope you enjoyed this see you next week

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