This week we are talking protection. This is something that comes up a lot when people are looking at crystals or is often the reason that some get into collecting. 

It’s a crazy crazy world and we need all the help we can get to combat negative energies or counteract what i like to call “dark clouds” floating in and out of our aura. An aura is an essential part of any individual and is made up of emotional, mental and spiritual levels to form an energy field around the body. Seen as an oval of colour surrounding the body an aura is a reflection on our health but also the kind of energy running through our bodies and is a delicate balance.

A dark cloud can enter the room and threaten to alter your aura, buffeting at the edges until it finds a way through and changes the way you feel and the colour or shade of your aura.

This is where crystals come in, when we are busy or stressed it can be hard to find the time or remember to take care ourselves. Keeping a protection crystal near by where you can see or feel it will work to rebalance the energies in the room and can act as a powerful reminder to take some time. Even if it’s a few minutes to take a couple of breathes and centre yourself. This is where the cleansing and healing begins.

Today I’ll cover four amazing crystals to help keep you protected and uplifted.


Protects your aura from negative energies, influences, ill-wishers and just general bad vibes.Great for dispelling fear from either feeling vulnerable to an environment or people around you. Black Tourmaline is connected to the earth and is a grounding stone repelling lower energies and frequencies and promoting positive thoughts and actions whilst cleansing stale energy in your environment.

A related crystal is Tourmalinated Quartz which is black tourmaline shards caught inside Quartz. All the same properties as above with the added bonus of Quartz and its cleansing and uplifting qualities.


As a strong grounding and anchoring crystal Smoky Quartz clears negative energies and vibrations from the environment by grounding them back into the earth.

It is helpful to keep close when the people around you are not providing nourishing thoughts or adding positivity to your environment. 

Smoky Quartz is also a powerful crystal to absorb any over flowing anxiety, stress or negativity we ourselves may be holding.

Great to have near by if you are going through a trauma or change which is producing doubts or negative energy.


As a very powerful spiritual crystal Amethyst has a high vibration and is very effective at not only protecting from negativity but also aiding in meditation. This is one to keep close when trying to relax and let go of the troubles you may face in life. 

A highly regarded healing crystal it can help you through physical and emotional healing promoting calm, balance and peace.


Red jasper has a deep connection to Mother Earth and gives out powerful grounding, protection and purification vibrations.

A stone of empowerment it will give you strength to resist emotional sway from others and will work at cleansing and strengthening your aura. Red jasper will awaken an inner strength and help you feel ready to create healthy and loving boundaries in your life whether it be at work or in your personal life.

The four crystals mentioned above all have one thing in common…..they are all grounding stones with a deep connection to Mother Nature. Which means our love and trust of crystals has lead us right back home to nature where the most pure of intentions come from, for me that’s a comforting thought. 

You can wear these crystals as jewellery to keep them close always for ultimate protection or keep one near by placing one on your desk at work, next to the bed at night in in your main living space to protect the whole family. If I’m not wearing a crystal i always carry a small piece in my pocket, what i choose to carry depends on what i feel i need the most at the time.

Whether you have people or environments in your life pushing negative energies your way or you are experiencing negative thoughts or emotions yourself leaving you stressed, drained and out of balance one thing is for sure – you need protection.

By using crystals for protection you can start the journey back to happiness and positivity or keep environments cleansed and radiating goodness to keep on track.

Remember to cleanse your crystals regularly to keep their energies and vibrations high.

You can do this under a full moon or my favourite way is to put them back to Mother Nature in natural fresh water and sunlight. Lake, river, stream, ocean.

Guard your aura and treat yourself with compassion- you are worth it!!

See you all next week.

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