Working With Chakra’s

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Hope you all had a wonderful week filled of love and light. The Subject today is Chakra’s and Chakra clearing using Stones, just another way to use our Stunning crystal friends.

To understand Chakra’s we need a little insight into them, today I will briefly introduce a basic guide to the 7 main chakra’s.

The line of the 7 main Chakra’s runs down the spine. Chakra’s receive and give energy to the body to maintain harmony of body mind and spirit, they are connected to various organs and glands within your body so looking after them is important.

The word Chakra in Hindu means spinning energy. You could imagine each Chakra centre as a clockwise spinning wheel of colour (WOW RIGHT). Unfortunately these lovely spinning wheels can become blocked due to stress, negativity and more. The blockage results in our overall balance becoming thrown out.

The 7 main Chakra’s are essential to spreading energy and connecting us to the divine so we can live a life full of vitality, balance and love.

Each Chakra has an emotional focus that is connected to a specific stones vibrational ability to heal. With the right stone we can work to clear Chakra’s which we feel like may have become blocked.  

To further explain and help connect the dots, i have created the below chart for you to reference when thinking about where you might like to start to work on your Charka’s.

1 Root Red Trust Smokey Quartz, Bloodstone
2 Sacral Orange Sexuality Tiger Eye, Carnelian
3 Solar Plexus Yellow Power Citrine, Rutilated Quartz
4 Heart Green Love Rose Quartz. Malachite
5 Throat Blue Expression Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli
6 Third Eye Indigo Awareness Flourite, Amethyst
7 Crown Violet Spirituality Moonstone, Clear Quartz

NOTE: I have just advised 2 of the stones for each Chakra there are many more.

So, now that we have a little basic information, what next ?

I would love to share with you the simple method I use to work on my blocked Chakra’s. ….

You can choose to work on all or one Chakra, there are no rules.  

Find yourself a calm place where ever you are away from phones, computers, chatter etc. There must be NO distractions….

  • Lay down flat in a comfortable spot.
  • Use your favourite relaxing music if you like, maybe light a candle.
  • Place the stone you have picked on the chakra you want to work with.
  • Gently breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth in a lovely rhythmic way.
  • Focus on the idea of the spinning colour wheel.
  • Release any negative thoughts from the mind.
  • Visualise a balanced healthy flow through the body.

Before you finish imagine all the Chakra wheels are healthy and the same size.

Please also remember – Cleaning your stones is important, i place mine on a selenite wand or on a lovely clear quartz cluster to re-energize.

Will love you and leave you now, have a spectacular week!

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