Quartz Crystal Structure

Hello Again Crystal Friends

Hope you are having days filled with Love and Light

Today’s Topic is a Mysterious one, I am going to discuss the different Quartz Crystal Names, Structures and how you can recognise them and their there Benefits.

Mysterious because the names are full of Titles that you might find in a suspense novel LOL.

Some examples are Cathedral Crystal, Twin Flame, Double Terminated.

To start off we need to know what Quartz is, so i’m going to get a bit technical. Its interesting so hang in there…..

Quartz is made up of silicon and oxygen, together they are silicon dioxide, and the crystals are usually hexagonal. The point can be right or left handed, it is one of the most common minerals on earth and comes in many colours, some examples are below

Milky Quartz

Smoky Quartz



Tiger’s eye


The Crystal Structures are our interest today, so let’s go

CATHEDRAL CRYSTAL  also called (lightbrary)

What a grand name for a grand crystal.

The name literally means what it say’s, it looks like a Cathedral with layered towers around the outside.

It is said to have the entire record of the earth inside it and has many uses.The vibration is high and will uplift your own vibration. Used in meditation it will help you connect with your soul.

Very Special.

ELESTIAL CRYSTAL also called (Skeletal) and (Fenstar) crystals

To look at these crystals I often think they look like transformers, they have many etchings around the outside that look skeletal in nature

They also have a high vibration that will raise energy levels in a room

Also an aid to improve spiritual growth.


These crystals are very beautiful, there are two crystals side by side with one base.They can be on their own or in a cluster, look out for them they will blow your mind.

A Wonderful Loving Joyful twin connection that will bring these things to your life.


These enchanting crystals are very very interesting, said to be linked to the ancient lost city of Lemuria

They are found on their own laying on the ground, So how do they get there???

Well the story goes they were left behind by our Lemurian friends to give us Messages

They also have a deep vibration that will balance your soul and connect you to the spiritual realm

They have deep grooves around the outside, that are amazing to the touch


This is a particularly Stunning Crystal.

It has a main point sprouting out of lots of baby crystals, and is sometimes referred to as a Cactus crystal, the surrounding babies are growing at such a rate that the main point cannot keep up fascinating right!

This Stunning Beauty has many uses the main Points vibration is amplified by the smaller ones, giving us a gateway to the spiritual realm and helping find our Purpose in life, creating balance and harmony


A window into a crystal is sometimes called Activation Quartz, the structure is a diamond shape usually located between the stem of the crystal and the point. As seen in the picture above.

This is sometimes referred to as the window to the soul, if you look into it like looking through a window it will help you to see your inner self. Also used to heal the Dis-Ease within you.

There are many more terms but I will leave the rest for another blog

Thanks so much for reading

Love and Light to you all

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