Cleansing and clearing your crystals

Hi again crystal lovers, this week we are covering cleansing and clearing your crystals. Many people use crystals to combat against negative energies entering their lives, to soothe mind and body or connect the soul to a higher vibration. This means that the vibration of the crystal gets cloudy and they are not as effectiveContinue reading “Cleansing and clearing your crystals”

Working With Chakra’s

Welcome fellow crystal lovers Thanks for stopping by! Hope you all had a wonderful week filled of love and light. The Subject today is Chakra’s and Chakra clearing using Stones, just another way to use our Stunning crystal friends. To understand Chakra’s we need a little insight into them, today I will briefly introduce aContinue reading “Working With Chakra’s”

A bit about us..

Welcome the world of Saint11crystals where we love everything created by nature, namely geological mineral formations. You would have heard them by many different names in your time. Rocks, stones,gems,crystals, we love them all. Here we will explore the many facets of crystals including how they came to be and how they can help ourContinue reading “A bit about us..”