Cleansing and clearing your crystals

Hi again crystal lovers, this week we are covering cleansing and clearing your crystals.

Many people use crystals to combat against negative energies entering their lives, to soothe mind and body or connect the soul to a higher vibration. This means that the vibration of the crystal gets cloudy and they are not as effective at doing what we need them to do.

Crystals often travel long distances and pass through many environments and hands before they reach ours and can pick up different energies and feelings along the way meaning the purpose you may intend for it for may not be what the the crystal is aligned to at the time.

For theses reasons it is super important to cleanse and clear you precious crystal gifts form Mother Earth so you can get the full benefit of what they can offer.

For example if you are using aragonite or Rose Quartz for stress or anxiety the stones will pick up those energies and absorb them in so need to be cleansed out regularly.

Below I will discuss some ways you can cleanse, Clear and purify your crystals.

Running water – 

The act of running water constantly hitting the stone creates ions to purify and discharge left over vibrations.

Water is said to neutralise energies stored inside the stone and return it back to the earth leaving your crystal pure once more.

Natural running water is ideal, if you are close to a stream, river or lake your crystals will love to be cleared there.

Sea water – 

Salt has been used through out history to absorb or draw unwanted vibrations and blocked energies so using the ocean is the best natural way to cleanse your crystal this way.


You can place your crystals in the sun to burn out unwanted information/vibrations.

Be careful with this one not to over heat as it can change the colour or makeup of the original Crystal.

Full moon –

By placing your crystals out during a full moon negative energies will be pushed out and positive energies restored.

The powerful nature of the moons pull has a lot to with this one. Crystals are largely made up of water and the moon has a lot of control in this area therefore making it the perfect crystal cleanser.

 Other crystals –

Quartz and selenite are the ultimate rechargers when it comes to using crystals to cleanse crystals.They both offer clarity to regenerate energy when other crystals are placed on top.

The more often you use a crystal the more energy it collects and holds onto so once a month is a good rule of thumb. If an individual stone is feeling heavier than usual, go ahead and cleanse it. You don’t have to wait a designated amount of time to cleanse.

When using any of the above methods be sure to reset your intentions on each one after the cleansing process is over.Give thanks to Mother Nature for providing us these incredible wonders, hold them in your hands and put good vibes in.

Thanks so much for reading and see you here next week.

Quartz Crystal Structure

Hello Again Crystal Friends

Hope you are having days filled with Love and Light

Today’s Topic is a Mysterious one, I am going to discuss the different Quartz Crystal Names, Structures and how you can recognise them and their there Benefits.

Mysterious because the names are full of Titles that you might find in a suspense novel LOL.

Some examples are Cathedral Crystal, Twin Flame, Double Terminated.

To start off we need to know what Quartz is, so i’m going to get a bit technical. Its interesting so hang in there…..

Quartz is made up of silicon and oxygen, together they are silicon dioxide, and the crystals are usually hexagonal. The point can be right or left handed, it is one of the most common minerals on earth and comes in many colours, some examples are below

Milky Quartz

Smoky Quartz



Tiger’s eye


The Crystal Structures are our interest today, so let’s go

CATHEDRAL CRYSTAL  also called (lightbrary)

What a grand name for a grand crystal.

The name literally means what it say’s, it looks like a Cathedral with layered towers around the outside.

It is said to have the entire record of the earth inside it and has many uses.The vibration is high and will uplift your own vibration. Used in meditation it will help you connect with your soul.

Very Special.

ELESTIAL CRYSTAL also called (Skeletal) and (Fenstar) crystals

To look at these crystals I often think they look like transformers, they have many etchings around the outside that look skeletal in nature

They also have a high vibration that will raise energy levels in a room

Also an aid to improve spiritual growth.


These crystals are very beautiful, there are two crystals side by side with one base.They can be on their own or in a cluster, look out for them they will blow your mind.

A Wonderful Loving Joyful twin connection that will bring these things to your life.


These enchanting crystals are very very interesting, said to be linked to the ancient lost city of Lemuria

They are found on their own laying on the ground, So how do they get there???

Well the story goes they were left behind by our Lemurian friends to give us Messages

They also have a deep vibration that will balance your soul and connect you to the spiritual realm

They have deep grooves around the outside, that are amazing to the touch


This is a particularly Stunning Crystal.

It has a main point sprouting out of lots of baby crystals, and is sometimes referred to as a Cactus crystal, the surrounding babies are growing at such a rate that the main point cannot keep up fascinating right!

This Stunning Beauty has many uses the main Points vibration is amplified by the smaller ones, giving us a gateway to the spiritual realm and helping find our Purpose in life, creating balance and harmony


A window into a crystal is sometimes called Activation Quartz, the structure is a diamond shape usually located between the stem of the crystal and the point. As seen in the picture above.

This is sometimes referred to as the window to the soul, if you look into it like looking through a window it will help you to see your inner self. Also used to heal the Dis-Ease within you.

There are many more terms but I will leave the rest for another blog

Thanks so much for reading

Love and Light to you all

Working With Chakra’s

Welcome fellow crystal lovers

Thanks for stopping by!

Hope you all had a wonderful week filled of love and light. The Subject today is Chakra’s and Chakra clearing using Stones, just another way to use our Stunning crystal friends.

To understand Chakra’s we need a little insight into them, today I will briefly introduce a basic guide to the 7 main chakra’s.

The line of the 7 main Chakra’s runs down the spine. Chakra’s receive and give energy to the body to maintain harmony of body mind and spirit, they are connected to various organs and glands within your body so looking after them is important.

The word Chakra in Hindu means spinning energy. You could imagine each Chakra centre as a clockwise spinning wheel of colour (WOW RIGHT). Unfortunately these lovely spinning wheels can become blocked due to stress, negativity and more. The blockage results in our overall balance becoming thrown out.

The 7 main Chakra’s are essential to spreading energy and connecting us to the divine so we can live a life full of vitality, balance and love.

Each Chakra has an emotional focus that is connected to a specific stones vibrational ability to heal. With the right stone we can work to clear Chakra’s which we feel like may have become blocked.  

To further explain and help connect the dots, i have created the below chart for you to reference when thinking about where you might like to start to work on your Charka’s.

1 Root Red Trust Smokey Quartz, Bloodstone
2 Sacral Orange Sexuality Tiger Eye, Carnelian
3 Solar Plexus Yellow Power Citrine, Rutilated Quartz
4 Heart Green Love Rose Quartz. Malachite
5 Throat Blue Expression Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli
6 Third Eye Indigo Awareness Flourite, Amethyst
7 Crown Violet Spirituality Moonstone, Clear Quartz

NOTE: I have just advised 2 of the stones for each Chakra there are many more.

So, now that we have a little basic information, what next ?

I would love to share with you the simple method I use to work on my blocked Chakra’s. ….

You can choose to work on all or one Chakra, there are no rules.  

Find yourself a calm place where ever you are away from phones, computers, chatter etc. There must be NO distractions….

  • Lay down flat in a comfortable spot.
  • Use your favourite relaxing music if you like, maybe light a candle.
  • Place the stone you have picked on the chakra you want to work with.
  • Gently breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth in a lovely rhythmic way.
  • Focus on the idea of the spinning colour wheel.
  • Release any negative thoughts from the mind.
  • Visualise a balanced healthy flow through the body.

Before you finish imagine all the Chakra wheels are healthy and the same size.

Please also remember – Cleaning your stones is important, i place mine on a selenite wand or on a lovely clear quartz cluster to re-energize.

Will love you and leave you now, have a spectacular week!


This week we are talking protection. This is something that comes up a lot when people are looking at crystals or is often the reason that some get into collecting. 

It’s a crazy crazy world and we need all the help we can get to combat negative energies or counteract what i like to call “dark clouds” floating in and out of our aura. An aura is an essential part of any individual and is made up of emotional, mental and spiritual levels to form an energy field around the body. Seen as an oval of colour surrounding the body an aura is a reflection on our health but also the kind of energy running through our bodies and is a delicate balance.

A dark cloud can enter the room and threaten to alter your aura, buffeting at the edges until it finds a way through and changes the way you feel and the colour or shade of your aura.

This is where crystals come in, when we are busy or stressed it can be hard to find the time or remember to take care ourselves. Keeping a protection crystal near by where you can see or feel it will work to rebalance the energies in the room and can act as a powerful reminder to take some time. Even if it’s a few minutes to take a couple of breathes and centre yourself. This is where the cleansing and healing begins.

Today I’ll cover four amazing crystals to help keep you protected and uplifted.


Protects your aura from negative energies, influences, ill-wishers and just general bad vibes.Great for dispelling fear from either feeling vulnerable to an environment or people around you. Black Tourmaline is connected to the earth and is a grounding stone repelling lower energies and frequencies and promoting positive thoughts and actions whilst cleansing stale energy in your environment.

A related crystal is Tourmalinated Quartz which is black tourmaline shards caught inside Quartz. All the same properties as above with the added bonus of Quartz and its cleansing and uplifting qualities.


As a strong grounding and anchoring crystal Smoky Quartz clears negative energies and vibrations from the environment by grounding them back into the earth.

It is helpful to keep close when the people around you are not providing nourishing thoughts or adding positivity to your environment. 

Smoky Quartz is also a powerful crystal to absorb any over flowing anxiety, stress or negativity we ourselves may be holding.

Great to have near by if you are going through a trauma or change which is producing doubts or negative energy.


As a very powerful spiritual crystal Amethyst has a high vibration and is very effective at not only protecting from negativity but also aiding in meditation. This is one to keep close when trying to relax and let go of the troubles you may face in life. 

A highly regarded healing crystal it can help you through physical and emotional healing promoting calm, balance and peace.


Red jasper has a deep connection to Mother Earth and gives out powerful grounding, protection and purification vibrations.

A stone of empowerment it will give you strength to resist emotional sway from others and will work at cleansing and strengthening your aura. Red jasper will awaken an inner strength and help you feel ready to create healthy and loving boundaries in your life whether it be at work or in your personal life.

The four crystals mentioned above all have one thing in common…..they are all grounding stones with a deep connection to Mother Nature. Which means our love and trust of crystals has lead us right back home to nature where the most pure of intentions come from, for me that’s a comforting thought. 

You can wear these crystals as jewellery to keep them close always for ultimate protection or keep one near by placing one on your desk at work, next to the bed at night in in your main living space to protect the whole family. If I’m not wearing a crystal i always carry a small piece in my pocket, what i choose to carry depends on what i feel i need the most at the time.

Whether you have people or environments in your life pushing negative energies your way or you are experiencing negative thoughts or emotions yourself leaving you stressed, drained and out of balance one thing is for sure – you need protection.

By using crystals for protection you can start the journey back to happiness and positivity or keep environments cleansed and radiating goodness to keep on track.

Remember to cleanse your crystals regularly to keep their energies and vibrations high.

You can do this under a full moon or my favourite way is to put them back to Mother Nature in natural fresh water and sunlight. Lake, river, stream, ocean.

Guard your aura and treat yourself with compassion- you are worth it!!

See you all next week.

Healing Stone Therapy

Hello crystal lovers I hope you had a wonderful week,

After talking last week about the geology and origin of stones and crystals , which by the way I find to be a never ending miracle , I am going to touch on one of the cultures that have used stone medicine extensively for hundreds of years…….Chinese medicine.

The Chinese philosophy believe that an illness is the result of separation of spirit from the body and  the healing property of stones will help you find your way back, I find this to be a beautiful  thought process, as in today’s world we need to connect to spirit more than ever to find peace and enlightenment.

The Chinese process is linked to the energy that flows through us in the form of meridian lines,referred to as Qi pronounced  (Chee). Stones are used to unblock and restore these energy paths and improve our health and wellbeing.

There are 8 branches of Chinese medicine as below:

1 Acupuncture –  stones are placed on acupuncture points and used as needle heads

2 Massage – stones are used as tools 

3 Herbal medicine – stones are used to make elixirs

4 Meditation – stones are used as aids 

5 Moxibustion – stones are heated with this process

6 Fengshui – stones are place around the home

7 Dietary therapy – stones are used for their minerals

8 Exercise – used to help generate fluids and circulate energy

W0W ! This is a very complete use of these precious gifts we have been given. 

To delve deeper into this wellness medicine is a bit of a risk as it is so complex and interesting and I want to do it justice but here we go anyway!

You have all possibly seen the symbol above at some time in your life, it is the very basis of Chinese medicine. The picture depicts the 5 elements, the five element theory gives a model that relates to our lives and the inner workings of our bodies, our individual temperaments and family interactions and interpersonal dynamics. It is the interrelationships among and between the fundamental energies of life.

What you say ?

Yep that’s what you get from the diagram Lol

Heres how it works going counterclockwise –

Fire burns wood

Wood uses up water as it grows

Water rusts metal

Metal penetrates and uses earths minerals

Earth smothers fire

Each of the five elements has a yin and yang aspect and our internal organs are assigned an element. That’s amazing for sure!

I will give you an example :

 An organ pair would be liver and large intestine one is yin one is yang, this is a wood pairing  with a season spring connection

All this is to show you that everything in Chinese therapy relates back to energy

And nature 

And wait for it

That is why stones and crystals are so important as they carry energy and nature inside of their incredible structures.

There’s so much more to this epic true adventure but I think you get the point.

We ARE energy and light! 

Stones and Crystals ARE energy and light!

 So of course they are our best friends and allies, given to Mother Earth to balance and cleanse.

Hope you enjoyed this see you next week

Crystal Basics

Crystals are far more than just pretty objects that we wear as jewellery or add to our home decor for a splash of colour and sparkle.To so many people around the world including myself crystals are a way of healing and pushing negative energies out of your environment. To me crystals are a gift from Mother Earth and a little taste of her power and love.

Crystals form when minerals,heat,pressure,time and space combine in just the right way. They are seeded when liquids cool or freeze into solids, dissolved matter precipitates out of a solution or gasses condense. What types of crystals to form depends on the mineral mix in play as well as the time,temperature and pressure involved. 

Some crystals like diamonds form within the earth as molten lava cools slowly over long periods of time, some grow in gas bubbles after magma has reached the surface and others form as water and other liquids evaporate.

As the the earths crust moves and shifts crystals break and move with it inviting in new elements and minerals to the mix which effects the crystals make up, colour and growth patterns.

All of these things combined mean no crystal is exactly the same and for me that’s a miracle recipe only nature can provide.

If you’re a believer in crystal energy and healing, then you know that crystals embody the energy of the earth and each type of crystal has a different healing property,energy and vibration. Depending on how you are feeling at the time or the direction life is taking you different crystals will aid on your journey. Some will jump out and just feel right and others may fit based on their unique qualities. You may even need a couple to enhance each other.

For example one stone might be best used for healing, another might be best for bringing prosperity into your life,another might be kept near by to deflect any negative energies.

Colour can have a big impact on the right crystal for the task and aid in aligning your chakras and boosting your energies.

Lighter tones are gentle and will lift your spirit, darker tones have a grounding effect.

There are many facets to these miraculous gifts so we have a lot to talk about in the coming blogs. 

If your new to crystals or not sure what to pick always trust your gut, you will be attracted to what’s good for you. So go with your first instinct,It’s usually right.



A bit about us..

Welcome the world of Saint11crystals where we love everything created by nature, namely geological mineral formations. You would have heard them by many different names in your time. Rocks, stones,gems,crystals, we love them all.

Here we will explore the many facets of crystals including how they came to be and how they can help our day to day health and spiritual journey.

The healing energy associated with each different crystal has been so underrated so we would love to share how we feel about each one and how you can feel with them in your life.v

This blog will evolve and grow as we share what we know and also what we learn along the way, join us on the journey.